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Medical Equipment Planning

Fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment decision in health care is directly proportionate to technology in use. As it is known by everyone who are closely to the subject, medical technologies are the ones that are experiencing the most rapid change and development in the world. Thus, a turnkey hospital project should be completed expeditiously where advanced technology is used.

Equipping the hospital with medical equipments occurs in a balance with the demands of the end user and the devices' price, quality and suitability. Device experts and purchasing agents within the TEK GRUP Consultancy provide the most appropriate technological devices with their experience and knowledge.

medikalcihazplanlama eng

  • Determining The Model and Equipment
  • Determining The Training and Needs
  • Preparation of Specifications
  • Evaluation of Bids
  • Coordination of Training
  • Coordination of Installation
  • Testing and Delivery

model ekipman belirlemeDetermining The Model and Equipment

The devices, models, and equipments required can easily be determined and equipped with all of the hospital by our experience.


egitim ihtiyaclariDetermining The Training and Needs

It is aimed for you to give the best serve to your patients by determining the practice and technical training including both on-site and abroad.


sartnamePreparation of Specifications

Determination of the right features, writing of them and delivery of the device is provided according to needs and requests.


teklif degerlendirmeEvaluation of Bids

By Price / quality analysis the most effective and efficient selection of equipment is provided for the hospital.


egitim kordinasyonCoordination of Training

In order to obtain the best long-term performance very well organized trainings provided at the right time.


medical cihaz montajCoordination of Installation

Location preparation and requirements (power, protection, ventilation, etc ...) without installation should be ready in time so that everything is carried out according to the time schedule of the project.


cihaz teslimatTesting and Delivery

Equipment tests are performed after installation according to the manufacturer's specifications. After determining that the devices are at requested specifications passing them all to the responsibility of end user is provided.


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