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Hospital Project Planning

Effective and efficient high-quality health care services in hospitals is possible only with considering the factors such as construction, substructure, medical departments, patient flow and medical equipments to be dealt with in harmony. Because hospitals are places with many features and attention must be shown in regards of architecture, planning, equipment selection and operation.

As TEK GRUP Consultancy, with adding our knowledge of the local culture, situations and regulations we are providing our service of “Hospital Project Planning” according to the world health care and local standards.


  • Project Research
  • Project Feasibility
  • Architectural Design
  • Constructional Design
  • Electromechanical Design

medikalcihazplanlama5Project Research

By investigating health problems at the region where the project will take place, needs to overcome these problems is determined. Thus, the necessary and sufficient service which has to be taken by the patients is provided

medikalcihazplanlama6Project Feasibility

The need for investment and / or profitability depends on the accurate and realist preparatory work.
By analyzing these correctly, the possible vain investment is prevented.


medikalcihazplanlama3Architectural Design

  • Planning of settlements for Medical departments and the necessary equipments.
  • Patient flow plan.
  • Medical Equipment flow plan. (installation and usage)

The comfortable movement for both patients and medical devices is provided with the correct architectural design.


medikalcihazplanlama4Constructional Design

Ground resistance, radiation protection (wall thickness, lead doors, lead coatings ...)
Safety is always at the forefront and the fundamental goal is to protect employees and patients.



medikalcihazplanlama7Electromechanical Design

  • High-and low-voltage, Uninterruptible Power Supply, Lighting, Nurse Call, Telephone, Data
  • Water, wastewater, central medical gas, ventilation, air conditioning improvements and fire-fighting.

The best service without interruption is provided by the hospital design oriented to the necessary needs of all sections.




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